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Sing to Me Harp

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Sing to me, Harp the Comforter

Share the story of David’s consoling strain

Over the ages: Kora, Kinner, Nevel, Lyre, Koto, Yaal, Arpa

Align our hearts with your vibration

Sing to me, Harp the Messenger

Create a new song of well-being

From each plucked string-sacred voice rising

Reveal a unifying power within your eternal grace

Sing to me, Harp the Peacemaker

Calm the distraction of chaos and confusion

Through your soothing tones of compassion

Bring stillness with inspiration once again

Sing to me, Harp the Guide

Rekindle the Light vowed in the Darkness

With the beckoning songs of our ancestors still recognized

Give us your loving, harmonic embrace

You speak like no other from a distinctly distant place

With longing anticipation, for a sympathetic melody, we wait

In resonance and beauty, in your gentle sensitivity,

Draw us near

Sing to me Harp…oh sing!

Copyright ©2017 by Mona Terry

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