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Harpist, pianist, and composer Mona Terry is motivated by the restorative power of music to transform and heal through her work as a therapeutic musician and instructor.


Mona’s impressive roster includes several directorships of music for prayer/meditation services, worship and guided demonstrations on the healing qualities of vibrational sound.


Mona’s recent move to the Pacific Northwest has expanded her calling as a performer, composer and artistic director with “StringSong Music,” “Resonance, the Pacifica Harp Duo” and the “Puget Sound Harp Ensemble.” In collaboration with Seattle’s Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute and Parents for Student Success, Mona served as Artist Director with, “Let the Strings Speak” which highlighted cultural exposure to the creative arts through an expanded approach to social change and unification.  


Through her calling as an Interdisciplinary Guide she supports individuals at critical stages of life processes through new thresholds of growth, self-awareness and transformation. Mona’s original music is featured on two self produced CD recordings titled, “A Path Seeking Harmony” and “Peace, Joy and Wonder…Christmas.”

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